A Facebook photo of an RN in black font mourning the late Dallas nurses

Some Facebook users have changed their profile pictures to a sign that shows RN with a black line crossing it, but what does that mean?

If you’ve scrolled through Facebook lately, you may have noticed that some users have united in changing their profile pictures to the same picture as the RN badge with a black line through it.

But what is the story behind the image switch and what does RN stand for?

Nurses and doctor using a digital tablet. Photo: Getty Images

The meaning of RN is explained with the black line through it

The image shows the Nursing Caduceus, one of the most popular symbols for representing nurses. Meanwhile, RN stands for Registered Nurse.

The caduceus is the wand carried by Hermes in Greek mythology, featuring two intertwined snakes. The medical symbol also appears with two wings at the top, and can be seen frequently on uniforms, equipment, and logos, such as the US Public Health Service.

move to black line; Police forces wear black mourning bands to mourn a fellow officer who died in the line of duty.

Knowing this, the RN’s sign with a black line through it is most likely a tribute to the late registered nurse.

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Tribute to two nurses who died tragically

1 Facebook user change Their profile picture three hours after news broke that two nurses had died of their gunshot wounds.

Two Dallas Methodist Medical Center employees were killed on Saturday, October 22 in Texas. Police returned fire by Nestor Hernandez at approximately 11 a.m.

The motive for the attack remains unknown, but the 30-year-old perpetrator has been released on parole for aggravated robbery and allowed by state officials to be in hospital to deliver a baby, according to reports. The Daily Beast.

Dallas police alleged that Hernandez was wearing an active ankle monitor at the time of the accident, he writes ABC13.

The gunmen were shot by a police officer at the hospital and taken to another hospital for treatment before being taken into custody. Fox 4 News Reports that Hernandez has been charged with first degree murder.

They also alleged that the aggravated robbery dates back to 2015, when he and a female suspect attacked a woman and stole her phone, car and money.

Hernandez pleaded guilty in May 2015 and was sentenced to eight years in prison.

The hospital treated the terrible accident in A press release Posted the same day.

“The Methodist Health System family is heartbroken for the loss of two of our beloved team members,” the book reads. “Our entire organization is mourning this unimaginable tragedy. During this devastating time, we want to assure our patients, physicians, staff, and community that Methodist Dallas Medical Center is safe, and there is no ongoing threat.”

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