A new TikTok clip has convinced the internet that the Mona Lisa has been stolen

A viral TikTok post suggesting that the Mona Lisa was stolen in 2023 has sent an internet panic – which is why we can’t believe it.

It only takes one video or photo to go viral on social media nowadays, but the downside is that misinformation can just as easily take advantage.

The latest to spark a frenzy is a 10-second clip that claims the world-famous Mona Lisa has been stolen. It’s only the ninth day of 2023, and it’s not a good start. Fortunately, there has been no public confirmation from the Louvre, so we can only assume that it is a bogus claim.

Visitors look at the Mona Lisa at the Louvre Museum, Paris, France Photo: Getty Images

WATCH: TikTok clip alleging the Mona Lisa was stolen in 2023

A video posted on Sunday, January 8, shows a line of police cars and ambulances blaring sirens near the famous Arc de Triomphe roundabout in Paris.

“POV: You’re in Paris when the Mona Lisa is stolen”.

In just 24 hours, the clip had more than 2.4 million views.

Users fled to the comments section to express their disbelief and beg for real answers, but the creator has yet to respond to more than 7,000 messages.

“What did Lisa steal from me!!!? No way!” someone exclaimed.

A second voice similarly: “Since when was the Mona Lisa stolen?!?!?!?”

Don’t even think about looking for answers on Twitter either – they’re just as confused.

Why not believe the news

As the most expensive work of art in the world in a mentioned $860 million The entire world would probably be notified if the Mona Lisa was indeed removed from her bulletproof glass case. Likewise, the latest vandalism From painting to throwing a cake in 2022 it instantly became headline news.

Was the Mona Lisa stolen? Perhaps not because the Louvre hasn’t declared the crown jewel lost yet. We can only assume that the TikTok video is misleading for now.

GRV Media and Alendronaterx have reached out to the Louvre for comment.

The Mona Lisa was stolen once

Glass shot of Vincenzo Peruggia, the Italian man who stole the Mona Lisa from the Louvre Museum in Paris. Peruggia claimed he completed the work out of patriotism, insisting that the painting belonged to Leonardo da Vinci’s homeland, Italy, not France.

The artwork has been vandalized four times and stolen once, the latter propelling the piece to worldwide recognition.

The Italian artist and Louvre worker Vicenzo Peruggia committed theft in 1911 by hiding in the museum until closing time. He took the art, which was considered a small piece at the time, and left Paris by train.

He hid the Mona Lisa for more than two years before trying to sell it to a Florentine art dealer, hoping to return Leonardo da Vinci’s work to its original home. The deal fell through when the buyer informed the Uffizi Gallery, who acquired the piece and reported it to the police. The Mona Lisa was returned to the Louvre in 1913.

Peruggia was sentenced to seven months in prison, reports say Alendronaterx. He died in 1925 at the age of 44.

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