An alleged Bigfoot video circulating on TikTok in 2023 is actually nothing new

There are two kinds of people – those who believe in bigfoot and those who don’t. But, many believe that the supposed Sasquatch video going viral on TikTok is new and real.

Bigfoot legends have existed for as long as there have been endless theories about their existence. The video in question convinced many precisely because of its source – a Washington state traffic camera.

But there’s more to this new Bigfoot video on TikTok than meets the eye.

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Whether or not Bigfoot even exists is open to a brand new discussion, but there is a video on TikTok that has convinced many to watch an alleged Sasquatch in 2023.

the screenshots It received a lot of attention and feedback after it was shared on the account the_paranoraml_chicwhose creator introduces the audience to the video by saying: “The start of 2023 with some amazing Bigfoot footage.”

The clip shows a giant, mysterious figure slithering through the snow on a wildlife bridge near Snoqualmie Pass.

TikTok says the footage comes directly from the Washington Highway camera, and it’s true. However, read on to learn more about when it was actually taken and if it was true.

Camera shots are nothing new

The supposed Bigfoot video was first shared by the official Snoqualmie Pass Twitter account three years ago on January 24, 2020.

Captured on camera over 1-90 East, the accompanying caption reads: “I think Bigfoot is making the rounds through our mountain passes.”

The above video was shared just days after the Washington State Department of Transportation made a lot of noise to share a still from a traffic camera, which appeared to show a giant shadow near a tree that many assumed was a real Bigfoot.

However, it was later reported that A.J Sasquatch outage.

The official WSDOT East official tweet States: “Sasquatch Spotted!!! I’m not superstitious…just a little malicious. Have you ever noticed something strange on your Sherman Pass/SR 20 webcam? If you look closely at the tree on the left, something seems to be off… it might be a Sasquatch… we’ll leave that up to you! “

People react to Sasquatch’s apparent vision

The video is clearly divided between believers and non-believers as they try to prove that Sasquatch can exist in the snowy mountains.

One TikTok user commented: “This is Squatch, look how fast this goes. Awesome!”

“These pictures are not very clear and the target is very far away,” said another.

Another user wrote: “This is a normal human move not even a Sasquatch skater the bigger and much deeper”

“I find it so coincidental that it pauses when looking back just like a video from the 50’s or 60’s,” said one commenter.

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