Preview: PS5 Survival Game Pacific Drive will have you falling off the turbulent station wagon

Developer Ironwood Studios really wants to form a bond with the vehicle. This is the main takeaway from a hands-off presentation of Pacific Drive, a survival game. Just you and a battered American station wagon inside the Olympic Exclusion Zone, a mysterious part of the Pacific Northwest riddled with supernatural events.

The demonstration showed us both sides of this unique address. Played entirely from a first-person perspective, you’ll set out from your garage and into the Exclusion Zone, aiming to find parts and resources in the wilderness. Once you’re back, you’ll use all your loot to make repairs, upgrades, and build new tools to allow you to explore deeper into your exotic surroundings.

You plot a path before setting off, as all paths lead to a special type of power that allows you to open a gate and escape back to the garage. On the road (or no road if you’re feeling adventurous), you’ll need to keep your head spinning. There will be a lot of wrecked vehicles and buildings to find that will save some precious resources, but the Olympic Exclusion Zone is full of threats. Strange anomalies such as creatures dragging your car around, strange weather conditions, and plumes exploding from the ground all attempt to complete your journey.

Hopefully, you brought some supplies with you with which to make some quick fixes or top up your fuel. You’ll need to jump in and keep your car in tip-top condition if you have any hope of making it back to the garage unscathed. Once you find that energy that unlocks the outlet, things get a little more intense; A shrinking circle will form on the satellite screen, and if you leave that area, you’ll be in for an especially bumpy ride.

You’ll either reach the exit or you won’t, and if you don’t, you’ll lose some of the resources you’ve collected. Either way, you will return to base. This is your chance to make repairs, install better parts, build new equipment, and craft useful supplies. This game is more or less – it’s all about building your car so you can explore new biomes, get better parts so you can improve your car, and that’s how it goes.


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