Skin Care: Collagen-Rich Indian Foods For Healthy Skin

Skin Care: Collagen-Rich Indian Foods For Healthy Skin – We all take extra care when it comes to skincare. Most of us try to follow a healthy diet to keep our skin looking fresh and nourished. After all, we all love that natural glow from within! But that doesn’t mean we keep layering on serum, oil, and moisturizer.

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Contrary to popular belief, skin health is directly proportional to what we feed our bodies. Drinking enough water, eating nutrient-rich foods, and living a healthy life all come together to boost the health of our skin. Collagen is one such super-effective skin nutrient.

According to Rupali Datta, a nutrition consultant, “Collagen is a large protein used in the formation of connective tissue, which in turn keeps all other tissues together. Collagen is found in bones, joints, blood, muscles, and cartilage. It is the most important protein for healthy skin because it gives it elasticity and strength.”

What helps collagen production in our skin:

Collagen is found naturally in animal proteins. However, plant foods contain a number of important nutrients that help collagen production in our bodies. According to Rupali Datta, the nutrients that aid collagen production in our bodies are “amino acids, vitamin C, zinc, manganese, and copper.”

Which Indian Food Contains Collagen: Foods That Help To Produce Collagen In The Body:

If you are looking for a healthy skin diet, then suggest including foods in your diet that help boost collagen production, which leads to very healthy skin. And to do this, you do not need to go the extra mile. There are countless everyday foods that are perfect for your daily collagen repair. Here we introduce you to some popular Indian foods that are enriched with collagen. take a look.

Here are five collagen-rich foods to try:

1. Chicken

Chicken is one of the foods with the highest amount of collagen, and it is widely consumed all over India. Experts suggest that a whole chicken contains a good amount of connective tissue, from which collagen can be obtained. Thus, it is recommended to enjoy chicken in its steak version (because of the connective tissue structure).

2. Hope

Amla is undeniably an excellent food. Rich in Vitamin C which acts as a powerful antioxidant to promote healthy skin. Besides, it helps our metabolism and immune health as well.

3. The fish

Fish is a great source of collagen. Both saltwater fish and freshwater fish are loaded with amino acids that play an important role in collagen production in our bodies.

4. Milk and dairy products

In India, people thrive on doodh, dahi, paneer, Makhan, and other dairy products. Each of these food ingredients is enriched with zinc – a mineral that aids in the production of collagen in the body.

5. D

Dal is an essential ingredient in Indian cuisine. Explore any region across the country, and you will find that Dal plays an important role in the food habit of the locals. Besides being affordable and accessible, dal is also very healthy. It contains many essential nutrients, including copper and manganese – both of which work by activating enzymes needed for collagen production.

Now that the list is in hand, we suggest including these nutrients in your daily diet for healthy skin and general nourishment. Enjoy happy and radiant skin!

Disclaimer: This content, including tips, provides general information only. It is in no way a substitute for a qualified medical opinion. Always consult a specialist or your doctor for more information. Alendronate does not claim responsibility for this information.

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