The top 9 Instagram trends in 2022 are back as users share their favorite photos

As 2022 draws to a close, many are wondering how to do their top 9 Instagrams — a trend that returns every year.

The social media platform just dropped an all-new 2022 Recap Reel feature that lets you create a short video of your top 15 memories.

There are four different templates to choose from, each narrated by a celebrity including Bad Bunny, DJ Khaled, Priah Ferguson, and Badshah.

If you have already created a 2022 recap file, now is the time to watch the top nine next one. Read on to find out how to do that…

What is Top 9 Instagram?

Instagram Top Nine is a website and app that shows you your nine most liked posts on Instagram from the past year and puts them together as a collage.

The description reveals “a tool we built to help you create a collage featuring the year’s nine best photos on Instagram.”

There are plenty of different templates to choose from and the top 9 photo collage can be shared on social media and saved to your camera roll.

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How to see your top 9 instagram

To see your Instagram Top 9, head over to this site Or download the app. Then type in your Instagram handle and hit Create Top Nine Collage.

It will take a few minutes to create and then the top nine will appear. The site will also tell you the total number of likes you received in 2022.

If you download the app, you can choose from plenty of templates and share your top 9 collage directly to your Instagram Story.

In addition, it will show you more stats including how many photos you posted in 2022 and the average number of likes per post.

History of Instagram Top 9 trend

The top 9 debuted on social media in 2016 and has gone viral every year since then — so it’s been a whopping seven years!

What started as a simple tool for reviewing your top Instagram feed posts has grown ‘incredibly’ website reveal.

Now, there are templates for not just photos but gifs for stories and reels as well, and they’re earning a number spot on the App Store every December.

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