TikTok user disappears from the internet after claiming to be ‘Hitler reincarnated’

A TikTok user named Felix Cipher has been at the center of an online controversy after they claimed he was a reincarnation of German dictator Adolf Hitler.

TikTokker posted content that many users found unsettling, including a video in which they were dressed in Nazi symbols, and another that they believed was a “Helter in a past life.”

It appears Felix Cipher has since been removed from all major social media platforms including TikTok, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. That, or they deleted the content themselves because of the ensuing controversy.

Felix Schaeffer TikTok controversy

On February 6, Cipher posted a TikTok about the large septum nose ring they made. The nose ring is very similar to the nose ring of a certain German dictator Sharp toothbrush.

In addition to the jewelry, Cipher was wearing what looked like a gray military tunic with a clearly visible pin embossed with the German imperial eagle or Reichsadler. Reichsadler’s version was used on the pin when the country was under Nazi control between 1933 and 1945, according to WeGotThisCovered.

The now-deleted video can still be viewed in binaries created by other users who reacted angrily to the codes. The real adventuresa TikTok account run by two Holocaust survivors, did a duet with the video, naming it “Not Cool, Felix”.

In response to the viral nose ring video, Felix posted another TikTok in which they said they believed they were Adolf Hitler in a past life. “It’s time to address the drama of the nose ring,” Cipher began.

“You can call me crazy, you can call me anything you want, but I am very in tune with my past and my past life. My last life was so outrageous.”

Felix claimed that they had flashbacks of this previous life in a nightmare at the age of five. Further evidence, Felix claimed, is a scar on the side of their head that purportedly marks where Cipher’s “former body shot him”.

“Those things and many other things throughout my life have linked me to my past,” Seifer concluded.

TikTok’s Felix Cipher is erasing online presence

Since the so-called “nose ring drama”, Felix’s footprint on the Internet seems to have been completely erased. However, this did not prevent a Twitter storm.

Everything from discussions about the original videos to theories about Felix Cipher’s mental state was fair game.

However, the general consensus seems to be that netizens are shocked – which takes a lot these days.

Cipher was allegedly launched after it went viral

Some people online are outraged by Felix’s claims and have taken it upon themselves to find out more about TikTokker.

A user allegedly found out where Felix worked and contacted his employer to file a complaint. according to screenshotIt appears that Felix no longer works for the organization because they “don’t get along with it.” [its] beliefs. “

Despite the backlash, some netizens are willing to give Felix the benefit of the doubt. Writing for The Times of Israel, the couple is in the back The real adventures TikTok account Proposal that Cipher can be “disguise”, “dress weird to shock us” or be “edgy”.

However, they questioned TikTokker’s mental health and what prompted them to create these videos.

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