Valentine’s Day 2023: Make these 7 dishes for or with your partner

Valentine’s week is here. Can we say that love is in the air? Most of us get really excited as February approaches. right? After all, who doesn’t love celebrating Valentine’s Day? This is the time when you not only acknowledge your feelings but also do your best to do things that make your partner feel happy. Well, many people prefer to go on dates to celebrate Valentine’s Day. However, if you want to celebrate the day at home, maybe you can cook a delicious meal for yourself or your loved one. Tip: Don’t stick to the usual recipes, please. Try to create something different. We prepared a list of seven delicious recipes that you can make at home. Take help from this on Valentine’s Day.

Here are 7 recipes you can choose for Valentine’s Day 2023:

1) Mexican chicken rice

This can be one of the best ways to prepare something delicious with the ingredients that are easily available at home. This one-pot rice dish carries the goodness of chicken, making it rich in protein as well. If you are bored of regular jeera rice or pulao, try this one. Make your loved one feel special. Recipe here.

2) Punjabi Style Hariyali Chicken

If your partner is a fan of chicken, then this delicious Hariyali chicken dish will definitely be a winner. This gravy-rich curry features spinach and mint leaves, among other home-made spices. Besides, you can prepare naan or roti for an unforgettable experience. Find the recipe here.

3) Mutton Nihari

Mutton lovers are obsessed with this perfect dish. Not many will disagree that this epic delicacy is heaven for lamb lovers. Make your own braised mutton curry at home and add plenty of traditional spices to it. Put mint leaves on it and serve it hot. Click here for the recipe.

Mutton Nihari is a special dish that is cooked on special days. Image credit: iStock

4) Ravioli with coconut milk and lemongrass

Not in the mood to prepare a full Indian meal? Don’t worry. Here’s a quick and easy dish that will not only look special, but also be delicious. For those who don’t know, ravioli is basically a type of pasta. This delicious preparation of stuffed pasta cooked in a creamy and tangy milk sauce. Garnish with chili flakes and you’re good to go. Don’t forget to pair it with a drink of your partner’s choice. Find the recipe here.

5) Healthy paneer pizza

This is for all those whose partner is passionate about health. This recipe is a great way to cook something delicious, unique and healthy at the same time. Here, the pizza base is made from wheat flour. FYI: Paneer is full of protein. If you want to add to the healthy quotient, just load it up with vegetables and your work is done. Bake this delicious pizza and impress your partner. Recipe here.

6) Chocolate and banana crepe

This French delicacy has captured the hearts of food lovers all over the world. It is like a very thin pancake that can be made sweet or savory depending on your mood and requirements. Don’t forget to garnish with chocolate sauce, sliced ​​bananas, peeled oranges and a pinch of cinnamon. Find the recipe here.

7) Banh Con (Vietnamese dumplings)

If Asian food is your thing, why not try making something from this kitchen? Perhaps, trying your hands on these delicious Vietnamese dumplings can be a great idea. This includes, mainly, minced pork and black mushrooms stuffed with steamed or boiled wonton wrappers. try this. Recipe here.

What do you think your partner would like to get from all of these recipes?

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