A video of an airplane stationary in mid-air causes a glitch in matrix theories

TikTok is convinced there is a glitch in the Matrix because a video of a plane not moving while in the air sparks theories.

There was a glitch in The Matrix that has been an ongoing discussion for a long time and people have tried to prove it over and over again.

Recently, a new video surfaced online and resurfaced these claims once again.

The plane appears not to be moving in the TikTok video

In February 2023, a social media user who goes by the username @tania.draws posted a video she took from her car.

The video appeared to show a plane not moving even though it was in the air. While the plane was parked, Tanya’s car moved.

She captioned the post: “Glitch in the Matrix? This isn’t the first time I’ve seen this in Chicago either.”

The video has since gained nearly 1.4 million views and people have been expressing their thoughts in the comments section.

Some believe that it is a glitch in the matrix

The theory about glitch in the Matrix has resurfaced as some people seem convinced the video captures that moment perfectly.

One user wrote: “No plane can sit idle… yeah sure there is a glitch.” Another added: “I thought I was seeing things!! I saw this happen one day while driving an Uber from the airport!!”

“Sure there was a bug, I saw a bug in Washington D.C. near Blowing Air Force Base 2 weeks ago,” read another comment.

“I literally made a TikTok about this happening to me! I was on a plane and it happened!! It freaked me out!!” he said more from another perspective.

“I swear to God I know this is real because I saw it too! 100% yeah! I was waiting to see someone post the video!” wrote another.

Image credit: SILAS STEIN/DPA/AFP via Getty Images

Some think it’s a view

Parallax is the difference in direction when two objects of different sizes are seen from two different points rather than in a straight line.

Since the video was recorded when the TikTok user was in reverse, some believe the theory applies and results in the other object, in this case the plane, standing still.

“Parallax” one user wrote in the comments section. Another added: “It still moves though. Physics in action!”

“Someone fell asleep dead during physics class,” read another. Another user said: “Parallax, it’s an optical illusion.”

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