Chick-fil-A and Starbucks hours may vary on Martin Luther King Day

Since Monday, January 16, 2023, is a federal holiday, people want to know if their favorite locations, like Chick-fil-A, will be open on Martin Luther King Day in 2023.

Martin Luther King Jr. Day Celebrating the famous civil rights leader’s birthday and activism. The annual US holiday is held on the third Monday in January each year. President Ronald Reagan declared the occasion a holiday in 1983, and the first observance took place three years later.

Hours of operation for public services, stores, and restaurants can vary on federal holidays, so here’s a rundown of what will be open and closed on Martin Luther King Day 2023.

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Is Chick-fil-A Open On Martin Luther King Day?

Luckily for those in need of a chicken sandwich fix on Mondays, after Chick-fil-A closed the day before due to franchising Sunday is celebrated as the Lord’s Day for religious reasonsThe fast food restaurant will open on Monday, January 16th.

to me Chick-fil-A website“All Chick-fil-A restaurants are closed on Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day so that members of the restaurant team can spend time with family and friends,” and on other holidays “hours may vary.”

So the safest option is to check the Local branch operating hours On Martin Luther King Day if any changes are made.

In general, Chick-fil-A restaurants operate, at a minimum, between the hours of 6:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Saturday.

What other restaurants will be open on Martin Luther King Day?

It seems most restaurants will be open on Martin Luther King Day. In previous years, the opening hours of fast food restaurants in particular were relatively unaffected.

in 2021, Newsweek It introduced a long list of chains that were open on the holiday including Applebee’s, Burger King, Chili’s, Dairy Queen, Domino’s, Jack In The Box, KFC, Olive Garden, McDonald’s, and Pizza Hut.

You can also check if your local Starbucks store is open at website As each branch may have different hours.

What was closed on Martin Luther King Day?

many Government services and businesses celebrate this federal holiday It will be closed on Monday. This includes federal government offices, state government offices, local county and city government services, and the US Post Office.

Not all major banks, most schools, and even the stock market will be open for service on Martin Luther King Day in 2023.

However, banking services, such as ATMs and online transactions, will still be available.

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