Do you know what Jio Glass is and how does it work? Its value was not revealed until two and a half years later


There is no information available regarding the price of Jio Glass.
It was introduced by Reliance Jio in 2020 at its annual conference.
Jio Glass is designed for the virtual classroom.

New Delhi. Jio Glass is not a new product, but it recently came into trend on the internet when Prime Minister Narendra Modi was seen using Jio Glass at the India Mobile Conference. Since that time, Jio Glass has grabbed everyone’s attention and even now people are eager to know more about this wearable device.

Let us tell you that this glass was first shown at the 43rd Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) in 2020. It has been almost two and a half years since this meeting, but no information has come up front regarding the price of Jio Glass. However, there is information about its features and use. So let us now tell you what Jio Glass is and how it works.

What is geoglass?
Jio Glass is a smart wearable device, which gives users an augmented reality (AR) and virtual (VR) experience. The product is built in partnership with tech giant Google. It looks like google smart glasses. Jio Glass has a camera just above the bridge and a speaker on its leg. Apart from this, two microphones are also available in Jio Glass. There is also a processor in the device but the information about it is not disclosed. Significantly, Jio Glass is made for the virtual class.

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Improves video conferencing experience
It makes the experience of 3D avatars, holographic content, and public video conferencing more interactive. Jio Glass, which weighs 75 grams, uses 3D images to improve interactions in the virtual world. In this you get options like custom sound and 3D hologram. This device can also be connected to a smartphone, so you can experience a wonderful virtual world.

How does Geoglass work?
Jio Glass uses all of its components to create a mixed reality around the users. A microphone and speaker allow users to interact with other participants in a virtual call, while the glasses display their 3D image or 2D avatar. All this takes place in a virtual space that copies real life. The device currently supports 25 different video conferencing applications.

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