Farah Khan enjoys a delicious burger with “Bigg Boss” contestant Abdo Razeeq

After an exciting journey full of ups and downs, director Sajid Khan and singer Abdo Ruzik exited the popular reality show Bigg Boss 16. Sajid’s sister, director Farah Khan, welcomed the two with an open heart. She invites her and her two “favourites” to her residence and hosts a get-together for them. Farah posted a private Instagram post dedicated to Sajid and Abdo. Well, it goes without saying that the get-together was all about good times and delicious food. what do we see? In the first photo, with the exception of the three photos, what caught our eye is the fancy burger in front of them. This was Abdo’s favorite food item. There were also some crispy french fries in another container kept on the table. For the caption, the director said, “My favorite this season is #biggboss16.. Sometimes it’s better to win hearts @abdu_rozikaslisajidkhan.”

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Now, after looking at Farah Khan’s latest Instagram posts, if you feel tempted enough to eat a burger, don’t worry. We have a surprise for you. Here is a list of five amazing burger recipes that you can try.

1) A vegetable burger

Well, this is a great way to nibble on vegetables that you might not want to do otherwise. This tasty burger has a beautiful patty made with french beans, cabbage, carrots, potatoes and peas along with the basic masala. Try. Recipe here.

2) Chicken burger

We have something interesting for chicken lovers too. This amazing burger can be your go-to choice for a nice weekend meal. You can also do this quickly when your friends come home. Pair it with french fries and you will love it. Find the recipe here.

3) Hummus burger

Want to give your burger a healthy twist? If yes, then this is a perfect choice. These burgers are filled with sumptuous patties made of chickpeas and masala. For the inexperienced, hummus is packed with protein making it a guilt-free gourmet treat. Click here for the recipe.

4) Tawa Paneer Burger

It’s amazing how we’ve added our street style touch to almost every delicacy. This deliciously tasty burger carries the taste of paneer which is a delight for vegetarians. First, soak the paneer and layer it with chutneys and vegetables in between the burger buns. Recipe here.

5) The tofu burger

Do you like tofu? You can include this tofu burger in a hearty meal. For this, you have to prepare tofu pancakes, chickpeas, nuts and roasted vegetables. Also, the garlic tahini sauce enhances the overall taste of this meal. Click here for the recipe.

What is your favorite choice from the list? Share our foodie favorites here.

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