How long can you survive on each planet?

Earth is the one world in our photo voltaic system that we people can reside in for lengthy intervals of time with out the necessity for superior expertise. We’re tailored to the surroundings of our house world, however what in regards to the different planets in our photo voltaic system? Given the situations and environments on different planets, how lengthy can people reside on every planet?


Mercury is the closest planet to the solar and the smallest planet within the photo voltaic system. With extraordinarily excessive and low floor temperatures, an individual can reside on the floor for under two minutes. Picture credit score: NASA

Mercury is the innermost planet in our photo voltaic system, orbiting the solar at a mean distance of 36 million miles (58 million kilometers). Mercury orbits nearer to the solar than every other planet within the photo voltaic system, and due to this fact experiences among the highest floor temperatures of any planet. The common floor temperature of Mercury is 800 levels Fahrenheit (430 levels Celsius) in the course of the day. Nonetheless, with out an environment to retain and regulate warmth, temperatures at night time turn out to be extraordinarily chilly. At night time, temperatures common minus 290 levels Fahrenheit (minus 180 levels Celsius). Assuming you possibly can stroll alongside the area between night time and day the place temperatures are most steady, you can survive two minutes on Mercury’s floor. Not dangerous for the second hottest planet within the photo voltaic system.


Venus is roofed in a dense environment of carbon dioxide which causes Venus to have the best floor temperature within the Photo voltaic System. Picture credit score: NASA

Venus could also be farther from the solar than Mercury, but it surely’s really a lot hotter. Venus experiences the best floor temperatures within the photo voltaic system, resulting from the truth that the environment of Venus consists principally of carbon dioxide. As a greenhouse gasoline, carbon dioxide traps incoming warmth from the solar and retains it close to the floor, inflicting the planet’s floor temperatures to be greater than they could possibly be. Venus has a so-called runaway greenhouse impact, and the quantity of carbon dioxide within the environment has brought about temperatures to common at 900 levels Fahrenheit (475 levels Celsius). In contrast to Mercury, temperatures on Venus are pretty constant no matter whether or not it is day or night time, and so the sweltering warmth can be unavoidable. Furthermore, the environment of Venus is 90 occasions heavier than that of the Earth. You’ll be able to solely survive on Venus for a most of 1 second earlier than the intense temperatures and strain evaporate you fully.


Mars surface
Picture of the floor of Mars taken by the Perseverance Mars Rover. Picture credit score: NASA

Mars is farther from the solar than Earth, and thus in contrast to different rocky worlds, it experiences cooler floor temperatures. The common floor temperature of Mars is about minus 80 levels Fahrenheit (minus 60 levels Celsius). Though people cannot survive for lengthy in frigid temperatures, you possibly can survive longer than Venus or Mercury. Nonetheless, temperature is just not the one issue. The environment of Mars is just a fraction of the density of Earth’s environment. You’ll be able to survive on Mars for a similar period of time you possibly can survive in area, about two minutes.

Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune

outer planets
Photos of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune are positioned aspect by aspect in a form of “household portrait” of the outer photo voltaic system. Picture credit score: NASA

It is arduous to say how lengthy you possibly can reside on the gasoline giants resulting from the truth that they do not have stable surfaces, at the least not in the way in which we predict. Alternatively, for those who try and land on any of the gasoline giants, you’ll merely descend by a seemingly countless environment. The gravity of the gasoline giants will pull you thru their environment in a short time. Chilly temperatures can be irrelevant. What limits your survival on the gasoline giants is the truth that, as you descend by the environment, the pressures rise exponentially. The identical environment will crush you in every of those worlds in lower than 1 second.