Instagram users can create their 2022 recap using four different reel templates

As the year comes to a close, a number of apps like YouTube, BeReal, and Spotify have allowed their users to take a walk down memory lane by offering all the special moments that defined 2022 — now, Instagram is letting its users make a feed reel!

The app launched several features in 2022, further enhancing the photo and video sharing experience. However, there’s nothing quite like looking back at the memories that created these moments, while a track of your favorite artist plays in the background.

Instagram has made four ready-to-use reel templates available to create a feed for in 2022. Here’s how to do it…

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How to do Instagram Recap reel 2022?

Follow the steps below to get your Instagram feed in 2022.

  • Open the app and you should see a “Create a 2022 Feed Reel” notification pop up in your feed.
  • If for any particular reason you cannot find the aforementioned feature, then go for create reel option – the regular feature of the app.
  • Select Templates and choose one of four options.
  • Tap Add Media and choose all the photos and videos you want to add to the feed.
  • Select Next to preview the feed reel and finish editing.
  • You can add a comment to the summary reel once it’s ready. The feature also allows you to tag people, add the location, and share it with others.

You can choose from different templates

What makes the in-app feature stand out is the option for its users to choose from four templates that suit their recap reel the best.

In 2022, your recap reel will be narrated by the voices of one of these four artists – Bad Bunny, Priya Ferguson, DJ Khaled, and Badshah. this is the difference. –

  • The Bad Bunny template allows you to select up to 21 media, either in the form of photos or videos.
  • Priah Ferguson and DJ Khaled templates allow up to 15.
  • Meanwhile, using the Badshah model, you can select 17 modes.

Users interact with the feature

Most Instagram users joke about the fact that they have to create their own feed, unlike other apps like BeReal that pick your best moments and present them as a surprise.

And, as always, the others are thrilled to see their friends’ recaps for the year.

One books: “Can’t wait to scroll past ya’ll recap 2022 reels on Instagram”

“Can Instagram release a 2022 recap of Stories just like BeReal did please? Thank you.” He said else.

else tweet Read: “Spotify: We’ve analyzed everything you’ve listened to this year and thoroughly broken down all your favorite music and where you stand among other fans. BeReal: We’ve compiled all your BeReals into a short timeline, enjoy! Instagram: This is a model, make Abstract yourself

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