Kareena Kapoor’s Sunday Meal Platter was all about taste and health

I hope you are flying enough kites aboard Makar Sankranti. Are you? Yes, this Sunday is special because it is Uttarayan and most people are busy enjoying the day to the fullest. Food plays a major role during the festival. Like many of us, actress Kareena Kapoor celebrated her day with a hearty meal. What’s on her plate? the heroine The actress just devoured a simple home-cooked meal, featuring comfort foods. Kareena shared a snapshot of her signature dish and it was delicious Khichdi. Her meal included too Toray ki sabzi (Curly gourd curry). he was there Babad And also for that extra crunch. Don’t miss out on the delicious pickle on the side that may amp up the flavor of the meal in no time. The actress added a poster that reads, “My heart is full.” She also tagged nutritionist Rujuta Diwikar on her site. take a look.

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Kareena Kapoor started Sunday on a very refreshing note. Before this delicious home-cooked meal, she was enjoying a delicious drink. take a look.

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Well, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that Kareena Kapoor’s weekend was all about delicacies. Why though? On Saturday, the actress took her taste buds on a journey with a delicious tomato soup. Kareena shared a glimpse of the gorgeous looking bright red soup on her Instagram Stories. In the caption, it said, “Drink of your choice Saturday night” with a tomato and a heart emoji.


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Are you also starting to crave tomato soup? If yes, then this is the recipe to help you out.

Oh, and how can we not talk about Kareena’s sister Karisma Kapoor. No, she didn’t join Karina. Karisma relaxes and devours healthy food on her balcony. The actress shared her Instagram Stories to give us a sneak peek at her morning indulgence. What is this? A bowl of chopped papaya. Charisma added “Sunday morning” with a cup emoji and a nerd face emoji. She also wrote, “20°C” with the hashtag #lololoves.

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How did you celebrate? Makar Sankranti? Share it with us in the comments below.

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