Keith Lee went from MMA star to TikTok food critic with his Chipotle collaboration

Keith Lee may be best known as TikTok’s go-to Las Vegas food critic, but he’s also a talented MMA fighter who was previously signed to Bellator.

If you’re active on TikTok, you’ve likely heard all the hype about Frankinson’s Pizzeria in Las Vegas. Food critic and TikToker Keith Lee changed the owners’ lives overnight with his viral review of fried chicken wings and pizza, which has been viewed more than 31 million times in the past week.

With 8.1 million followers, Keith is no stranger to social media attention, but his review of Frankenson is his most popular video yet — and his most influential.

The now struggling restaurant is booming in business and is even making the news with its sudden success boom.

Keith may be the ultimate foodie in Las Vegas, but he’s actually juggling social media stardom with a sporting career: mixed martial arts.

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Las Vegas-based food critic Keith Lee is signed to Bellator

Born October 4, 1996, the 26-year-old has a pro-MMA record of 8-5-0 (win-loss-draw).

Known as Keith “Killa” Lee, he fights in the Featherweight category, and his last fight was a victory over Jeremiah Lapiano via split decision on September 4, 2022.

At the age of 21, he had his first professional match with TKO MMA, which ended in a loss. Since then, the Detroit, Michigan native has fought for several organizations, including Brave CF and Global Legion FC.

Keith’s contract with Bellator began in 2020, but was dropped after an August 2021 match with Journel-Logo. “I felt so used up after losing my contract with Bellator,” he said. MMA fightingHowever, this prompted him to build a following on social media.

He added, “I promised myself that I would build something that no one could ever take away from me, and that is who I am.”

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He exploded on TikTok with his taste tests

So, how did Keith go from fighter to foodie?

Keith’s initial content documented his family life with his wife, Ronnie, and their two children, Riley Ray and Carter. However, it was November’s Big Chicken taste test that went viral.

Keith did what he does best, reviewing the fried chicken and chicken burger created by Shaquille O’Neal, but he didn’t care about it the way Frankinson did.

From Five Guys to Gordon Ramsay’s fish and chip shop, Keith can easily capture six million views. His next project is a Chipotle collaboration for “Keithdilla,” a steak with fajita and cheese.

He introduced the food hack on December 29th and just a week later, TikToker announced Keithdilla on their upcoming March list. The exact date is unknown, so we recommend keeping abreast of it.

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