Kitchen Tips: How to prevent glasses from cracking during the winter – try this simple tip

What’s better than starting a cold morning with a hot cup of tea? Nothing at all. As the temperature continues to drop, we tend to lose track of the number of cups of tea or coffee we consume. While we love everything about sipping on our favorite hot beverage, a common problem people face during the winter season is that their glasses often crack. This usually happens when you strain or pour tea into a cup and the heat is too high for the pot to handle. And let us tell you, this isn’t just for your cup of tea. When you pour hot liquid into any glass container, it tends to crack. What is the solution to the problem of winter? Well, MasterChef Pankaj Bhadouria has found a way to stop him. In an Instagram post, she shared a peasy ease asceticism To save cups from cracking.

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Pankaj Ki Noski: How to prevent glass from cracking. Often in the winter, when you pour hot liquid into a glass container, it cracks. Here is one of the simplest ways to prevent this. take a look:

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In the video, the famous chef states that “to prevent glass vessels from cracking in winter, all you need is a steel spoon.” She first asked us to put the steel spoon in a glass bowl and pour the hot liquid over it. Now, remove the spoon and voila! Glass containers will not shatter.

Explaining the science behind it, lead chef Pankaj Bhaduria explains, “Metal is a good conductor of heat and glass is a bad conductor of heat.” When a hot liquid is poured into a glass, the inner layer becomes hot but the outer area remains cold. As a result, the glass cracks. On the other hand, you mentioned that the metal spoon “absorbs all the heat” so the glass container never cracks.

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