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We all love to start our morning on a nourishing and satisfying note. No matter what we may eat throughout the day, we all definitely try to eat something healthy for the first meal of our day. For some, breakfast is all about eggs, bagels, sausage, and coffee. But for others, a simple fruit plate is enough! As it turns out, even Mira Kapoor is a fan of the fruit and she recently shared proof of this on social media. The singer took to Instagram to share a photo of her delicious fruit bowl with a witty caption, and it really does look like a picture of morning bliss. take a look:

Mira Kapoor took to Instagram to share her fruit platter.

Mira Kapoor was at the home of Shahid Kapoor’s mother, Neelima Azim on Sunday morning. Thanks to the natural light in the apartment, the photos looked absolutely amazing. Mira Kapoor made the most of the photo opportunity and snapped a plate of fruits against a backdrop of bright sunshine. She was enjoying a bowl full of pomegranate (anaar) with another bowl of papaya (babita) on Sunday morning. “When it’s light (the emoji), even Babita looks great,” Mira Kapoor wrote in the caption. I used the Italian emoji with pinched fingers, in a sign of how truly indescribable the light was.

This isn’t the only food indulgence we’ve seen from Mira Kapoor. Previously, she had shared an entire post dedicated solely to the amazing food she tried in Goa, as she was on New Years Eve vacation. “A Goan escape for adventure… A Konkan Thali,” she wrote in the caption. take a look:

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It seems that Mira Kapoor is also a big fan of taking food pictures with the sunlight in the background. Earlier, just a couple of weeks ago, she had posted a click on the Gujarati winter delight – Undhiyu – on her Instagram feed. “Undhiyu for life. I’m sure I was a Gujarati in my last life,” the singer wrote in the caption. take a look:

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