Morgan Wallen “poured” a drink on a friend’s shirt isn’t as dramatic as you might think

Fans are racing to defend country music artist Morgan Wallen after a clip showing him pouring a drink down a woman’s blouse went viral online.

Morgan Wallen fans are coming to the singer’s defense after he allegedly deliberately spilled a drink on his girlfriend.

However, fans claim that the TikTok video only shows Morgan flirting with a friend.

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WATCH: Morgan Wallen “poured” a drink with a friend at a Nashville bar

Friday night is a good time to let that go, but it seems some news outlets have looked a little too far at Morgan’s antics during a recent bar session.

Whalen, 29, faced backlash afterward Claims He infused a woman with alcohol for his own entertainment. to me Miao And Fox BangorExclaim!, the article stated that The Voice singer “dropped the ‘drink’ right below her shirt”, before adding that “he seemed to realize she wasn’t pleased with the insolent gesture”.

The article was shared on reddit But it has since been deleted, as was the news tweet It read: “Morgan Wallen was photographed spilling a drink down a woman’s shirt in a Nashville bar, a gesture she apparently didn’t expect…and which she didn’t take very kindly based on her immediate reaction.”

Alendronaterx has found the video in question, so you can judge for yourself:

While we agree there seems to be some tension as the You Proof singer pulls his hand hard after the woman tries to grab him, we don’t think Morgan actually pours a drink up front.

You can see the Sneedville, Tennessee, artist grinning and pretending to blow it off as a joke before the pair approached to chat briefly. Morgan is also sitting at the same table.

GRV Media and Alendronaterx have reached out to representatives for Morgan Wallen for comment.

Fans are supporting Morgan amid the backlash

Morgan and Ellen’s haters are criticized by supporters for their judgment of the singer before watching the entire footage.

“Somebody acting like a douche at a bar on Broadway in Nashville? Bring me my poor couch!” Reddit user He commented sarcastically.

to which one answered: “Morgan Wallen has the maturity of an eighth grader but the video didn’t show what the title said. It was obvious he didn’t pour a drink on the woman just by watching it.”

“Honestly, if you watched the video they had, the alcohol wouldn’t have spilled, and he and the girl would just laugh and carry on afterward,” Second schemed.

In other news, tributes are pouring in for Kevin Lemon after the gospel singer passed away at the age of 44

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