Snapchat’s new “Send You Fast” update is making some users feel special

Users expressed different opinions about Snapchat’s latest update in 2023, which changed its notification text from “Send in a snap” to “Send in an instant,” while still displaying the sender’s name at the beginning.

The only addition to it might be the word “you,” but it made a big difference for some users, who reported feeling “special” when one of the snaps addressed you personally.

The app has not yet announced its 2023 update, but many have already gained access to the newly introduced feature. It is not clear if there will be more updates accompanying the latter option.

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The difference between “send you a snap” and “send a snap”

As we noted earlier, there were no significant changes made to the “send snap” notification in 2023, aside from changing it to “sent to you in a moment.”

The steps for sending and receiving snaps remain the same and the notification may read differently when the snap is sent to a group of people.

If you don’t get the update on your device, make sure you download the latest version of the app. The platform creators did not disclose if the update is available to users in all regions or if it is limited to a specific audience.

Snapchat update 2023 divides users

Once you update the app to the latest version, every time one of your contacts sends you a snap, you’ll be notified of the new message.

Some users are thrilled by the fact that the recent notification is directed specifically at “you,” while others feel that the changes barely make any difference to them.

One He said: “Updating Snapchats from ‘send a snap’ to ‘send you a snap’ makes me feel so special.”

However, another user Feel: “Snapchat’s addition of ‘you’ in ‘____ sent you in a moment’ was the worst update.”

Why did Snapchat have to change it to ____ sent you a snap? A third user male.

last books: “Adding Snap ‘send you a snap’ and ‘send a snap’ is interesting.”

Games “disappeared”.

A large number of Snapchatters are completely disappointed about the disappearance of games from the platform.

Since the beginning of February, Twitter has been filled with posts that see people asking what happened to their favorite games on the networking site because they suddenly “disappeared”.

In 2022, Snapchat hinted at Partially or completely eliminated Games business. The removal of the games as part of a corporate restructuring was not formally undertaken.

And when users asked Snapchat support for an explanation, the company said in response:

“Hey, we’re always working to improve your Snapchat experience on both platforms, so some features may change over time. In the meantime, we’ll share the feedback you provide with our team.”

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