Step into a world where nothing is what it seems in The Twilight Zone for Oculus Quest 2

The Twilight Zone is a tv property. Time and time once more, this decades-old American tv institution has been formed and reshaped not solely to supply unsettling and elaborate forays into the unknown, but additionally to reflect modern tradition and society. Tradition-related horror has at all times been standard in movie and tv, however video games typically spotlight the much less attention-grabbing elements of those ideas.

Horror video video games typically concentrate on elements comparable to survival, blood, and fight. Do not get me incorrect, there may be nothing incorrect or unhealthy about it. Heck, among the greatest video games in Quest and Quest 2 – to not point out one of the best video games of all time – are likely to these things. When video games search to transcend the present limitations of style and medium, then they shine brightly.