This Rajasthani Dal Bati recipe will give your weekend meal a royal makeover

What comes to your mind when we say royal Indian cuisine? The immediate answer would be Rajasthani cuisine. The state’s food culture has a rich history dating back thousands of years. He talks about the heritage, demography, climate, and socio-economic conditions of the region and its people. If you dive deeper, you will find that Rajasthani food culture is also divided into regional sub-groups – Marwari cuisine, Rajputana cuisine et al. Each sub-regional food custom in the state has a unique set of dishes. One of the classic foods of Rajasthan is dal bati. In fact, it would not be an exaggeration to say that dal bati is one of the first dishes that we associate with Rajasthani cuisine.

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History of Dal Pati | Where did Dal Patti come from:

According to historians, the first mention of Pati was during the reign of Baba Rawal – the founder of the Mewar kingdom in Rajasthan. It is a baked wheat dough, kneaded with ghee and milk, without a pinch of salt. Legend has it, patty was a wartime meal back then – soldiers used to cut the dough into small pieces and leave it under the sand to bask. When they returned, the soldiers would break the baked patti and mix it with panchmel dal and consume. Some used to eat patti with ghee and chas or dahi made with camel milk.

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How to Make Dal Bati at Home:

We bring you the classic dal bati recipe that will add a royal touch to your weekend meal with friends and family. Let’s find out how to make dal bati at home.

How To Make Patti For Dal Pati:

First, knead the dough with atta, souji, ghee, salt and milk. Let her rest for a while. Then prepare the filling with ghee, lime, mufassal and ginger. Toast everything together and add peas, dhaniah, garam masala, chili powder, salt and amchuur.

Next, shape the dough into flat circles, add the filling and cover. Bake these round kernels until they are brown and crunchy. Click here for a detailed recipe.

How to Make Dal Panchmel for Dal Patti:

This recipe is prepared using five types of dal. You need to boil dal, cook with spices and add simple tadka to prepare this dal. Click here for the recipe.

How to assemble Dal Bati:

Take the patty and dip it in ghee and serve it with dal on the side. And make sure it’s hot to enjoy the flavors to the fullest.

Enjoy your meal and have a fun weekend!

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