TikTok star Libby May freaks fans out with a hospital update wearing a neck brace

TikTok star Libby May caused fans to worry after it was revealed that she was in the hospital, wearing a neck brace and head support.

TikToker Libby Mae doesn’t have a smooth start to the new year, unfortunately. On Wednesday (12th January 2023) the 20-year-old influencer revealed that she was in the hospital wearing a neck brace. Luckily, her best friend, Courtney Louise, was by her side the whole time.

Fans are begging for answers regarding the health of Libby, who has not yet responded to the comments.

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WATCH: Libby Mae updates TikTok fans from the hospital

Libby Mae, known for her lip-sync videos, didn’t look like her usual smiling avatar as she posted two clips from her hospital bed. Wearing a neck brace while her head was supported by a roll of blanket on either side, Libby appeared visibly restrained and her body was still.

Thankfully, Kourtney was on hand to take care of her, and the fact that Libby was able to post TikToks, hopefully, means she’s on the road to recovery.

“True best friends never leave your side,” the influencer gratefully wrote about her best friend.

The second stanza shows Libby Mae’s disappointment with her condition:

Rumors on the street say she was in a car accident, fans say, but neither Libby nor her mother, Lynsey Marsden, have confirmed anything.

Meanwhile, viewers noticed how her signature bun is still immaculate — without a strand out of place.

“Girlll what hair spray are you using?” one fan asked.

Another chime in: “Still bun on flake.”

“I really hope you have a speedy recovery xx,” added a third.

Libby May is headed into 2023 solo

Fans have been constantly updated about Libby’s love life and her most recent public relationship with Olivia “Liv” Mitchell ended sometime last year. The exact date is unknown, but the couple haven’t appeared on each other’s TikToks for months, and Liv admitted that she was “tiringTo address the breakup with a certain person, who fans assumed was Libyan.

The former couple were lovers in April 2022, reveal That Liv is “eating Libby’s carts” — she’s a little TMI, but cute…we think.

However, by the end of the year, Libby had confirmed her singles status with distinction Tik Tok It reads: “Dance if in 2023 you and your best friend are both single” – and sure enough, she did a fist bump dance.

In other news, where does Hanx buy Tom Hanks coffee for our troops?

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